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Coton-tiges passantes I

Performance with cotton swabs for baby, video camera and speaker

1min 38s

École supérieure des beaux-arts de Nîmes


Installation of the alignment of the cotton swabs, the last one on the right colored in red.

Performance proven only with the video camera image, worn by the actor, who filmed from above.

Putting the music in speakers at the beginning, a lateral movement of the gaze, from the cotton swab on the left, to the cotton swab on the right, from beginning to end.

Reflection on the medium and the relationship between performance and video and their temporality.

Musique: Beethoven, Symphonie n° 7, 2nd mouvement

As part of Jean-Claude Gagnieux's performance class, with the instruction to take an object costing less than one euro, from which, to design an action, using tools available in school.

Installation View


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